Have you ever sat back and taken inventory of the toys that have been collected over the years?  Not only taken inventory, but then created a spreadsheet of the ones that are played with everyday, three times a week, once a week, a couple of times lately, and even the “I didn’t know we still [...]

When I was a child, some of my favorite memories were of my father dancing with me in the kitchen as Mom made Sunday morning breakfast. Or gathering around the piano for sing alongs. Those moments were so special to me, such fun yet such a wonderful family bonding experience that the warm and wonderful [...]

The phrase “Patience is a Virtue” has been found in writing dating back to the mid 1300’s, and through some research, there is debate as to whom it came from.  Whether is be a Chinese or Irish proverb, there is no greater phrase when rearing our own child. The word virtue, according to Webster’s Dictionary, [...]

Music is all around us, and therefore all around your child, even in the womb.  Our child’s ability to hear is fully developed by the fifth month of pregnancy, and it’s appropriate that the first beat she hears is the music of her mother’s heart. Your unborn baby depends on that constant beat, even after [...]

Need to plan your child’s birthday party? Read on as our friend and host of Baby DIY, Sharen Pearson, shares some perspective and fabulous tips for throwing a child’s party…. Enjoy! As a mother of five and now grandmother of seven, I’ve planned my share of birthday events. I am a creative person, so my [...]

With children our lives invariably become complex.  A quick trip to the store involves a myriad of decisions.  There is now strategy involved cleaning up the house.  With so many decisions to make and planning to do, we tend to forget one very important thing when it comes to the development of our child: reading. [...]

In honor of Father’s Day…. We’re sharing some fun sites with you as recommended by our friend, Stef at DIYFather. Our favorite is his very own list of 10 Things to Do on Father Day’s – # 5 below. Enjoy! [An excerpt from DIY Father.com] Here’s the ultimate list of websites you must visit before [...]

While our children depend on us so much for everything the first year and a half of their lives, it’s difficult for us as parents to begin to let go. Not only do we find it difficult to let go of their hand, but also being able to control what happens to them. For the [...]

How many times have we sat back and tried to remember what it was that our baby used to say when learning to talk? We remember a few little words, but in the back of our minds we know there is a lot more. We know it was so cute and perfect, and we remember [...]


The house is quiet, there are no toys to pick up, and there is a “grown up” show running on the television. We’re not asked for a drink or a snack, and we don’t have to wipe up splashed water after taking a bath. We’ve eaten dinner without a spill, and the dishes are cleaned [...]