We love our child unconditionally, to the ends of the earth and beyond, so we go that extra mile to make sure that they are happy, content and safe.  This is natural, normal and being a human parent.  We want our child to be happy and healthy, to be smart, well liked, and successful as [...]

Many of us remember seeing or even still have those adorable, and sometimes embarrassing, pictures of us as infants or toddlers dressed up for Halloween.  Now that we are parents, it’s that time of year to begin storing up those memories for your little one, as well as yourself.  It’s also important to get ready [...]

When I was a child, some of my favorite memories were of my father dancing with me in the kitchen as Mom made Sunday morning breakfast. Or gathering around the piano for sing alongs. Those moments were so special to me, such fun yet such a wonderful family bonding experience that the warm and wonderful [...]

The phrase “Patience is a Virtue” has been found in writing dating back to the mid 1300’s, and through some research, there is debate as to whom it came from.  Whether is be a Chinese or Irish proverb, there is no greater phrase when rearing our own child. The word virtue, according to Webster’s Dictionary, [...]


The house is quiet, there are no toys to pick up, and there is a “grown up” show running on the television. We’re not asked for a drink or a snack, and we don’t have to wipe up splashed water after taking a bath. We’ve eaten dinner without a spill, and the dishes are cleaned [...]

Congratulations to Baby Cory! Watch for him on BabyFirstTV. Thank you to all the families for joining in the fun of the Be A Star Contest! Be a star winner – click here to see!

It’s Springtime and all kinds of things are budding in each of our lives. As your little ones continue to blossom, we’ll keep developing new things for you and your family to enjoy -  new website games, blog and so much more! Be a Star Just a reminder to submit your child’s video for a chance [...]

From Techcrunch.com If you live and breathe the web—as most TechCrunch readers do—you may have noticed that the minute a child enters your life, you tend to start viewing the web differently. It’s almost comical how many Internet entrepreneurs I’ve come by, who as soon as they become parents, grow a new-found desire to create [...]