It’s funny how a person remembers that when she was six, she ran down the street, tripped on a pebble and ended up in the hospital getting stitches, but she doesn’t remember the pain. However, as parents, when we start talking about what it was like raising our two-year old, we find ourselves talking faster, [...]

At some point, parents of more than one child begin to question some things… They ask each other, “Why are there far less pictures of our youngest child?” and “Did we let the oldest eat that at this age?” They begin to wonder if birth order really determines the type of person we become.  In [...]

Music is all around us, and therefore all around your child, even in the womb.  Our child’s ability to hear is fully developed by the fifth month of pregnancy, and it’s appropriate that the first beat she hears is the music of her mother’s heart. Your unborn baby depends on that constant beat, even after [...]

Need to plan your child’s birthday party? Read on as our friend and host of Baby DIY, Sharen Pearson, shares some perspective and fabulous tips for throwing a child’s party…. Enjoy! As a mother of five and now grandmother of seven, I’ve planned my share of birthday events. I am a creative person, so my [...]

With children our lives invariably become complex.  A quick trip to the store involves a myriad of decisions.  There is now strategy involved cleaning up the house.  With so many decisions to make and planning to do, we tend to forget one very important thing when it comes to the development of our child: reading. [...]

How many times have we sat back and tried to remember what it was that our baby used to say when learning to talk? We remember a few little words, but in the back of our minds we know there is a lot more. We know it was so cute and perfect, and we remember [...]

It’s Springtime and all kinds of things are budding in each of our lives. As your little ones continue to blossom, we’ll keep developing new things for you and your family to enjoy -  new website games, blog and so much more! Be a Star Just a reminder to submit your child’s video for a chance [...]

As parents, we all remember the day we left the hospital. The fathers remember, after days of practicing, the struggle to get the infant seat right and then the questioning look in the nurse’s eyes. Their hands shook, the beads of sweat rolled down, stinging their eyes (the perfect excuse for the seat not being [...]