You’ve Got The Look

We can say a lot to our little one with our actions, but don’t forget that you can say so much more in a facial gesture or the look in your eyes.

Our children have a lot to learn yet when it comes to having a conversation about how to behave at the park. Not only may they not fully comprehend what we are telling them (telling our 8 month old that eating sand is icky), but we will also get frustrated when the behavior doesn’t stop. One tip is to use as few words as possible. As hard as it is for our child to express himself with words, he’s also still having a hard time understanding us. Often times a short and concise explanation is the best. The fewer the words used, the better the ability to understand.

And remember the power of “the look.” Our baby has spent the last 3-24 months reading every inch of our faces. They understand what “no” looks like better than what it sounds like. The sad face, head down and a slow shaking of the head is read better than a book for them. Just make sure that if the behavior happens again we follow-through and divert to something else.

Don’t forget the power of your non-verbal cues. It saves them the confusion and you the frustration.


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