Keep Summer Going

As the dog days of summer have fallen upon us, and going to the beach one more time seems like a chore rather than a fun activity, start thinking about some other family fun options to try with your little ones.

One suggestion is to help your child create a scrapbook of his summer memories.  Sit down at the table, pull out pictures, tickets stubs that you may have kept, articles that he may have picked up and saved from a walk in the park, anything that sparks his imagination.  As you go through the pieces and pictures, ask him what he remembers and why.  Talk about his memories in detail, help him draw pictures and paste on the artifacts.  Not only will this help him to remember his childhood, but help us as parents to remember his, too.

Another idea to help remember the summer is to teach your child how to play charades using her memories.  This may require you getting down on your knees and acting out a trip to the ice cream shop, but when your child begins to get her mind flowing, you’ll be amazed and what she has learned over the summer and love the way she portrays it to you.

Before bed, encourage your child to tell you a story of one of her summer time adventures.  This helps to develop creativity and imagination that not only stimulate her little brain, but also helps to tire her out before bed.  It doesn’t matter if she has the facts right or not, only that she’s thinking, remembering and being with you.

Just because the sun begins to set a little earlier doesn’t mean your summer with your precious child has to be over.  Help to keep it alive forever.  They will be able to look back and feel the same loving memories you do now.


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