The Sleepy Parents’ Sonnet

They whine about snacks, about sitting on laps,

They fight from within about taking their naps

Frustration sets in like a summer hot spell,

The screaming continues, and you swear you’re in… well


Mommy has had it, dad loses control

These two little beings are taking a toll

Then in one single moment, a sweet giggle and grin,

You can’t wait until morning and a new day to begin


But lo, it’s 2:30, 2:30 a.m.

There’s no sleep in this house with night time mayhem

The beast has risen, she beckons for thee

It wants not love, the bed’s wet with pee


Then the storm calms just as fast as it came

She lays on your chest, the tiger is tamed

So when mom feels she’s lost it and dad’s had too much

It’s all but forgotten with that first morning touch


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