Get Puzzled

Summer is in full swing.  There is so much to do with your little one, and so much of the world for them to see, but it’s raining.  Of course there is nothing better than splashing in puddles and making mud pies, but you’ve just finished the laundry and cleaned the house.  So now what?

As you rummage through the closet full of board games, don’t forget the puzzles.  Your 12-24 month old child is at the peak of developing so much of that little brain.  Research shows us that there is a lot of ways to help that development by sitting with your child and working on a puzzle.

Your baby’s brain is significantly influenced by manipulating his/her environment.  When a child grasps hold of a puzzle piece, she can manipulate shapes.  Her brain is understanding how her world changes by turning pieces, moving them and placing them together with other pieces.  Not only does your child learn this, but he will also develop hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills and problem solving skills: all very important for your baby to develop at this stage of life.

Of course you are also maintaining a relationship with your child that is just as important in her overall development.  Make sure that the puzzles are age-appropriate and your child will find accomplishment.  Set small goals and be there to help, but allow for a little frustration.  This, too, helps in problem solving skills.  Don’t forget to reward your child with some VocabuLARRY, Tillie and Bonnie Bear time :-)


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