Unleashing Our Inner Child

To where does our inner child go?  At what point in our lives does the Tooth Fairly flutter away and out of our lives?  When does “real” become “real,” and who says that we have to grow up?  Who knows what that really even means?

For those of us experiencing sleepless nights and supermarket tantrums, we do at times wish to press a button so that our child becomes a kindergartner or first grader, sending them off to school for a few hours of reprieve and some time to clean the house.  We can’t wait to take down the gate at the top of the stairs because it doesn’t open properly and we have to keep stepping over it.

Then we sit down and watch our child play and the wonders that he experiences.  We see the joy in her face when she builds a tower of blocks up to her head.  There is fascination in their eyes, wonderment in their expressions, and complete happiness in their squeals.  The change that we desire is quickly recognized as our own and never theirs.  We see that the wonders of childhood we are providing should last a lifetime, and that we should do everything possible as a parent to instill that excitement in life for ever.  We should never feel too old to play on a playground or that it’s just for kids, and never should our child feel that way.

Join your child today and play the way that a child plays.

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but it took a lifetime to paint like a child.” ~Pablo Picasso


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