Earth Day All Year Long

Earth Day may have come and gone, but the chance to do something good for the earth and our children at the same time, remains constant.  As a human being, a living breathing creature on this planet, we are connected to the earth in so many ways.  Not only do we need its oxygen and water, but we are also drawn to its wonders and its beauty.

Our child is, by nature (no pun intended) a curious being, drawn to everything they encounter that’s new.  This is never more evident than with a child’s wonder with the world into which it came. But as parents, we tend to “protect” them from it, bringing them in out of the rain, snatching a leaf out of there little hand as they bring it to their mouth.  We cringe and swipe out a mouth crunching on a handful of soil.

We still want our child to experience nature, but we also want her to be safe in the process.  With Earth Day just passing and the hope of our world in your mind, it’s the perfect moment to spend some time learning about the world around you.  Learn about the plants in the yard, whether or not they are harmful to you or edible. Teach this to your toddler and ignite his curiosity with respect for the earth.  Talk to your daughter about the dandelion and how its leaves may be used in a salad.  Show how the flower of a honeysuckle may be tasted and eaten.  It may involve some research, but you’ll also be learning about the world in which we live, and doing it together (even the taste-testing) is a wonderful way for your child to learn about and appreciate our Earth.  It’s also fun to see them decide whether or not grass tastes good.  Happy Earth Week!


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