Two Steps to Parenthood Joys

A young woman was overheard at a shopping mall speaking with a friend about the challenges of raising children. At one point, she remarked with apprehension  that she, “gets anxious when coming home from work.” This young mother wasn’t trying to tell her friend that she doesn’t love her children, rather she was expressing the frustration a lot of us parents feel sometimes with our own toddler.

It’s normal to feel exhausted and overwhelmed. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t care so much. We have to work, clean the house, shop for and cook meals, clean them up, and raise a healthy and happy little child all in-between. It’s also good to admit this. This is why mothers have play dates. And the first step to finding those parenthood joys is to admit you are stressed out. We are not superheros, and we need to take a little break once in a while. Ask a family member or a friend for just 30 minutes. Allow yourself to take a nap, recharge. It’s really okay.

The second step is to realize that what you do has more worth than all the jobs in the world. You are amazing because you are nurturing, loving and providing for a human being. There is no greater reward than raising a child and feeling unconditional love just because you are there. It’s more important than your own career. If you work outside the home, replace the value of being “a working mother” with “a mother that works.” Be proud of that and understand your accomplishment. Truly sit back and watch your little child as she plays on the floor and know that you did that.


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