Creating Holiday Memories

As an adult around the Holidays, it was always so easy to experience a flood of emotions and memories.  We wished those childhood moments were all filmed so that we could look back at them, just like Clark Griswold did while stuck in the attic.  We would laugh and cry and feel warm all over being able to experience those memories again.

Now as a parent, we want the same for our child.  We hope that when our little toddler grows up, she’ll be remembering her Holiday moments as fondly as we remember ours.  We want him to laugh years later while sharing a memory with a friend and see the contentment in his eyes. As corny as our family traditions seemed as a teen, they are now the times that we wish to redo as adults, and now even more so with our own child.  But how do we recreate that?  What can we do to give our child the same warm feeling?

It seems the best thing to do is to think of your own cherished memories.  What was happening, who was there?  Think about those times that you hold so dear.  Odds are that it wasn’t a present.  It wasn’t something that you got that you remember so, but perhaps how your family got together, played games, went to friends or family for dinners.  Maybe it was a grandfather telling stories by the firelight of his childhood.  Search your heart for those most memorable times, and make it happen for your child.  We realize that your infant won’t truly “remember”, but we do know that he or she will feel the warmth of the seasons and someday bring out the best memories for their own child.

We don’t have to go overboard buying presents to make our child’s Holiday season memorable.  We just need to give them what we hold so dear to our hearts… being together.


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