Job Title: Parent

It’s easy for us parents to forget what exactly is our job. Is it to raise a Nobel Prize winner or the doctor that cures a cancer? Is our parental role to maintain a high moral standard in our children so pure that Confucius would stand, staring wide-eyed in awe of our child? Who is to say?

An answer so deep could only come from one person – and it’s that child sleeping peacefully in her crib or the one pounding on the kitchen floor refusing to get his face washed. The answer is found in soapy suds on top of her head as she splashes water about on the floor of your bathroom.

At times we have to look deep for that answer that only they can give us.  We have to look past the mess and the broken plate. We have to hear it in the shrill shriek of a little toddler on the prowl for one more piece of candy.

The next time your child has a fit in the supermarket and seems to be possessed by some unworldly creature, look deeply into his eyes to see what it is that he needs, truly needs. He doesn’t need the extra toy, nor does he need to stay up an extra hour. Somewhere in there, if you look hard enough, you’ll see yourself, the child that you used to be, desiring and yearning to see and touch everything. The child that used to be amazed at her own hands in a mud puddle and how it seems to be attracted to her brand new shirt.  You’ll see the child that once reached for her mother’s hand to be lifted up and held, just for a moment, then comforted enough to go off and play.

You will find your job title in the eyes of your child.

“My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard.  Mother would come out and say, ‘You’re tearing up the grass.’ ‘We’re not raising grass,’ Dad would reply. ‘We’re raising boys.’”  ~ Harmon Killebrew


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