Top Baby Costumes of 2011

Many of us remember seeing or even still have those adorable, and sometimes embarrassing, pictures of us as infants or toddlers dressed up for Halloween.  Now that we are parents, it’s that time of year to begin storing up those memories for your little one, as well as yourself.  It’s also important to get ready to send in those pictures to BabyFirstTV’s Facebook page – not only to show off your little one, but also for a chance to win some wonderful prizes.

We’ve done some quick research to help you compete by giving a list of the top ten infant/toddler costumes this year (in no particular order):

1- Lil Lion (who can resist dressing a baby up as a lion and teaching him how to roar)

2- Lil Penguin (if your little one is learning to walk, there is nothing cuter than watching her waddle around the house)

3- Lil Monkey  (hey, toddlers are little monkeys)

4- Lil Tiger (we all have a Lil Tiger at times)

5- Disney has always made a hit with their Little Princess line.  Find the Disney Princess that fits your child’s personality the best.  There is even a Little Mermaid outfit for your little water baby.

6- Baby Blossom (of which our Blossom is usually fond of)

7- Pea-in-a-Pod (even better when you have twins)

8- Sock Monkey (while timeless, he seems to be making even a bigger comeback)

9- Little Pirate (once again, a little one trying to say “Arrgh” is worth it)

10- Blue from “Blue’s Clues” ( being blue never looked so cute)

Remember your child will wear this one time, but capturing the moment with picture or video will give you and him/her something precious to remember forever.


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