Little Moments

A father came home one day from a long day at work to loud children’s music coming from the house. He hesitated at the door, knowing his children inside were wild with energy and couldn’t wait to expend it on him. He took a deep breath and entered the door.

“Daddy, we’re dancing, come dance with us!”

“I’ll just watch,” he said.

“Please, daddy. Just one song?”

“Okay, just one song. Daddy is very tired.”

His daughter, now seven, went over to the CD player and fumbled with a CD. It was a slower song, one that he hadn’t heard for awhile. She walked over to him, put her arms out and said, “Can you hold me like you used to?”  He bent down and picked up the long, bony body and began to sway her to the music. He found himself calming down and soon began to sway a little more. As the song came to an end, she whispered in his ear, “Now dip me like you did when I was little.”

“My dear, you were not even three years old. Do you really remember that?”  He did it, and he was amazed as she put her arms out, just the way she used to, but now almost touching the carpet. He put her down gently and she walked out the door to play with a neighbor.

There are moments in our lives with our children that we sometimes don’t even remember ourselves. We’re busy making sure they don’t spill, doing laundry, packing up a diaper bag, making dinner, trying to put them to bed.  We have so many things to think about, we don’t realize it’s those tiny little moments they hold so dear, and hold to them they do. When you are frustrated and tired, ready to fall down asleep, sit down on the floor and build one more tower of blocks, play one more round of tickle, dig deep and dance to one more song. You are making a mark on the heart of a being that desires nothing more than to have you with them.

“Children are like wet cement.  Whatever falls on them makes an impression” ~Dr. Haim Ginott


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