More Songs to Be Sung by Candice Night

When I was a child, some of my favorite memories were of my father dancing with me in the kitchen as Mom made Sunday morning breakfast. Or gathering around the piano for sing alongs. Those moments were so special to me, such fun yet such a wonderful family bonding experience that the warm and wonderful memories have lasted decades. Perhaps it is because of those memories that music held a place so deeply in my heart. It became my joy, my comfort, my friend and my escape as I grew up. It painted my world with rich and vibrant colors and ultimately wound up such a part of me that I became a musician. I create music for families, as well as for myself, that paint pictures of fairytales and allow the listeners of all ages to enjoy a musical journey into a land of castles and dreams.

So, when I became pregnant last year, as I toured and recorded my latest cd, I was so excited about the fact that my child, this amazing miracle growing within me, would be feeling the vibrations of music and of the love and emotion I felt while writing and recording the songs. When I wasn’t singing and playing, I had headphones around my tummy to play relaxing music to my child. She inspired me to write words that touched me so deeply that they were difficult to sing to her once she was in my arms, I was so emotional.

Yet, perhaps it was because of all the music she had been surrounded with, and the love that she felt while she was being created in parallel to the creation of those songs, that once she was finally here her eyes lit up whenever she heard music played to her.

As a first time mom, I had often wondered what I could do to enrich my child’s early years. How to keep her inquisitive and engaged and loving learning while making the experience fun and also being involved so it becomes a wonderful bonding experience for us as well. Moments that will make us both laugh, both remember, like I had from my own childhood. Music is the simple and perfect answer. We sing morning songs and she dances as soon as she opens her eyes in the morning accompanied by a big smile. At the age of one, she plays recorder, harmonica, strums her daddy’s guitar, and loves to play her instruments while we play ours. We make up silly songs about things we see everyday. And at night, she is surrounded by lullabies that ease her to dreamland as she hums along. Music has added so much to our lives together, and continues to each day. And as our bright and promising future together beckons, as mother and child,  there are so many more songs to be sung….


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