Patience is a Virtue

The phrase “Patience is a Virtue” has been found in writing dating back to the mid 1300’s, and through some research, there is debate as to whom it came from.  Whether is be a Chinese or Irish proverb, there is no greater phrase when rearing our own child. The word virtue, according to Webster’s Dictionary, means to “conform to a standard of right, or a particular moral excellence”.  Remember that the next time that your toddler spills the milk and cereal on the floor or your one-year old has pulled down a lamp when learning to walk.  Your patience with that child has shown him great restraint and superb conduct of the highest moral standard.

But what about the time when we don’t display that patience – when words fly out of our mouth as if they have meaning and make sense to our baby?  Does it mean that we as parents have doomed our child to a world beneath morality?  Have we damaged them beyond repair?  Are we as parents (and there are many of us) morally corrupt?

Of course not.  We are often tired and stressed out, and some of us get such little time with our child the way it is, we feel guilty when we lose our patience with them.  It does not mean, however, that we are losing the bid for parent of the year.  It means we are human, and more importantly, we can change and adapt.

Patience is a hard virtue to master, and these little day to day mishaps in the life or our child will happen.  They happen to every parent, and what we need to remember is that those mishaps don’t mean that we are bad parents.  Lamps are fixable and after all – at least it didn’t land on him. ;)

Finding patience may be the virtue that we seek, and when we do, we will be able to enjoy all the moments of our child’s life, and they will be thankful.

With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown. ~Chinese Proverb


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