The Magic of Reading

With children our lives invariably become complex.  A quick trip to the store involves a myriad of decisions.  There is now strategy involved cleaning up the house.  With so many decisions to make and planning to do, we tend to forget one very important thing when it comes to the development of our child: reading.

According to research, a child’s capacity to learn is developed within the first three years of life.  At that stage, the brain will grow to 90% of adult weight.  More and more, these researches are emphasizing the importance of a child’s interaction with his/her environment as a major factor in determining a child’s capacity to learn rather than innate intelligence.  What happens around your child such as sights and sounds can greatly influence his/her ability to succeed.  One of these influences could be reading to your child.

In a study conducted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, it was concluded that having parents read to or allowing the child to observe those around him reading, parents are fostering a lifelong passion for reading which leads to benefits in all areas of development.  It promotes a positive attitude towards reading, helps to develop vocabulary and oral language skills.  In the same way that a child develops language skills before the can speak, they also develop reading skills before they can read.

As parents, we want the best for our children.  There is nothing more important to us than our child’s future, and what better way to nourish that future than to help them understand their world in a better way, developing their little brain and become a lifelong learner.  Not only will your child be ready to grasp their world and understand it better, but somewhere deep in their hearts, they will also hold dear those moments spent with you reading to them, snuggled up close to you.

How to choose books for babies:

Newborn to 6 months

  • Look for books with simple geometric images easy for a newborn to focus on
  • Choose books in black and white coloring, pictures of human faces
  • Books with rhythmic patterned language

6-12 months

  • Infants will be making more use of movement to learn, needing to manipulate objects, choose books with lift tabs or sturdy board with which they can pull on, chew and take some drool

12-24 months

  • Choose books with repetitive and predictable storylines, being able to anticipate what comes next, inserting words or phrases

Here’s just a few of the great books our friends on Facebook suggest:

You Are My Little Cupcake

The Monster at The End of This Book

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Good Night Moon

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Bubbles, Bubbles

Runny Babbit

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