First Words to Cherish

How many times have we sat back and tried to remember what it was that our baby used to say when learning to talk? We remember a few little words, but in the back of our minds we know there is a lot more. We know it was so cute and perfect, and we remember laughing and being so proud, but there are so many times that those little words get lost in the laundry, the cooking, the clean up and the deep breath at the end of the day as we plop ourselves on the couch and stair blankly into space.

As your baby’s vocabulary increases daily, so does the chance that we forget the wonderful things they say, or try to. We want to remember and tell grandparents and aunts and uncles, but we can’t. Many parents have turned to doing something very simple, but find it so rewarding years down the road, especially when the child reaches high school and the dating years.

Write those phrases and words down right away. We are so connected to technology and most of it is right in our pocket or within reaching distance, literally at our finger tips. Text them to someone, even to yourself. Have a running page on the computer, and while your child is nestled in watching VocabuLarry, earning more precious fodder, take two minutes and write them down. If the time allows, throw in the date so you can look back yourself and see the progression of your child’s word enrichment. Professional writers jot down their ideas on the fly so they can combine them into a world renowned novel. By keeping this record of your child’s words and phrases, maybe someday, when college has called them and your house is quiet, you can provide yourself with a loving novel of your own. Happy writing!


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