Cool Stuff for Dads

In honor of Father’s Day…. We’re sharing some fun sites with you as recommended by our friend, Stef at DIYFather. Our favorite is his very own list of 10 Things to Do on Father Day’s – # 5 below. Enjoy!

[An excerpt from DIY] Here’s the ultimate list of websites you must visit before Fathers Day this year (or before you die).

  1. – The ultimate site to turn a screaming toddler in mid-tantrum into a peaceful kitten.
    Get the smartphone app … and just hold the phone with a cute photo to your toddler when she’s having a fit.
  2. – Find out where it all began
  3. – An all time classic!
  4. – for kids (and dads)
  5. Top 10 things to do on Fathers Day – Shameless self plug


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