An Examination of “Me Time”

The house is quiet, there are no toys to pick up, and there is a “grown up” show running on the television. We’re not asked for a drink or a snack, and we don’t have to wipe up splashed water after taking a bath. We’ve eaten dinner without a spill, and the dishes are cleaned and put away. As a parent of a young child, we’ve yearned for a moment like this. Seldom is there a peace like this, and we sit down, perhaps with a glass of wine, and relish the time.

Soon we find ourselves straining for a voice, looking around the still room, and desperately long for the touch of our child. As parents, we need a little break. We deserve it. Nonetheless, when we finally have it, when a gracious grandparent or family friend has our child for just one night, we find that we miss them terribly.

What is it that pulls us so much? Is it that we don’t trust anyone else? Is it that we don’t think our baby could be happy with anyone else? Perhaps. But more importantly, for as long as our baby has been with us, we have created a bond. A bond so strong that nothing could ever come between it. Nothing will ever sever that bond. Not time nor space, not even the fleeting moments of peace and quiet. We need that child as much as she needs us, and it’s ok. It’s right, and it’s glorious.

There will be the days in middle school when they don’t even want to ride in the front seat anymore. There will be moments when they don’t want to sit with you on the couch as you watch a favorite show on TV. There will be a time when they will leave the house and become a wonderful individual, living and learning on their own with the skills that you’ve taught them. So don’t feel silly and don’t feel like “that parent”. We do need some alone time, but we also need to spend every moment possible with them. In doing so, only then will they have the confidence and peace of mind to become all that they can be. Only a child that is loved so much will have the strength to go forth and conquer their world.


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