Our little one is so much more complex than we imagine.  We see toys being thrown and peas on the floor. We hear crying and tantrums, but what we don’t see/hear, or more importantly look for, are the reasons behind our child’s misbehaviors.  Understanding those reasons is important for us as parents to be better [...]

As a parent of a young child, there seems to be a lot of pressure to always do the right thing.  Feed them the right foods, make sure they get enough sleep, make sure they are stimulated, but not over stimulated.  They should be walking by this date, talking by that one, and so on [...]

From Guest Blogger & Author, Rachel Thomas Making your baby laugh and smile is one of the best feelings you can have. Of course baby humor is not complex. They will laugh at the simplest of things. In my experience raising two children I found a variety of ways to make them laugh. Most of [...]

Parenting is one of the most rewarding experiences a person will ever go through.  From the miracle of birth all the way to hearing Pomp and Circumstance played by a college band, there is so much to be thankful for, so much that our child has given to us simply by coming into our lives.  [...]

We can say a lot to our little one with our actions, but don’t forget that you can say so much more in a facial gesture or the look in your eyes. Our children have a lot to learn yet when it comes to having a conversation about how to behave at the park. Not [...]

We imagine our unborn child and the day she will arrive, and we begin to day dream about all the things that we’re going to do: how the days will be filled with joy, laughter and only a few tears, but even then, tears of joy.  Then the reality sets in. There are dirty diapers, [...]

We love our child unconditionally, to the ends of the earth and beyond, so we go that extra mile to make sure that they are happy, content and safe.  This is natural, normal and being a human parent.  We want our child to be happy and healthy, to be smart, well liked, and successful as [...]

As well-adjusted as our young toddler is, there is no simple way to say “Mommy is going back to work, and you’re going to spend the whole day with a bunch of people you don’t know!”  It’s going to be his biggest change in life so far, as well as one of the most difficult [...]

An expecting parent can prepare for a lot of things before their child comes.  They can set up the crib, store up on diapers and wipes, blankets and onsies.  But they often get so excited we often forget one major detail: emotional development. Whether or not you are an expecting parent or have been blessed [...]

As a parent in today’s world, we begin to think of how our child is going to measure up to the rest of the world.  We immediately begin comparing our child to the one next door, or down the street, or even in another country.  We begin early by encouraging reading and math, hoping that [...]